Jordan and Colton

I was watching my friend Nena's kids yesterday. We were at the concert in the park and they got bored so we snuck away and tucked into an alley across the street. Here's a couple of the pictures I got.

PS...I did a really long photo shoot today with my friend Natalie's girls. I'll post the results soon!

Graffiti Wall

My friend Sarah tipped me off to an awesome photo shoot location in Seattle. It's the back of a warehouse that is totally covered with Graffiti. It is "AMAZING"! The above picture is of the whole wall I found online. It doesn't look the same anymore though because it's always changing. The owner of the warehouse is well aware and welcomes it. We found a can of spray paint and my kids left their mark...CTR (Choose The Right), how funny is that! I went on the shoot with my 2 fabulous photographer friends Melissa and Sue. They are a big part of my desire to really push forward and get better at this, I'm so grateful for all their help! I still have tons more to edit but here's a few favorites...Oh, we ran into lighting issues big time. I was hoping that since it was the back of a building it would be in shade but no such luck. We were there at 11:00 am with the sun beating right down on us. So next time I shoot there it will be in the evening. Live and learn...that's what this blog is all about.

My little bug

You can tell she was really concerned about this prickly stuff she was having to lay in.

Dreaming of this...

I'm saving my pennies. This baby aint cheap! For now I'm stuck with Photoshop Elements 5. It works for now but I want to start shooting in RAW and I need the RAW converter that you get in the CS3. I also want to be able to download all the fabulous actions people have created that make editing so much easier. Unfortunatly most of the actions are not compatible with my measly Photoshop Elements. So I sit and I wait for money to fall from the sky, because that's the only way I'm going to come up with the "kizash" (cash for those of you who don't know my slang) to buy my sweet, sweet Adobe Photoshop CS3!

The Wall

I've been looking for a good brick wall to take pictures against. I found this one in downtown Puyallup on the side of an antique shop. I ran down there with the kids when Alan got home last night. I only had about 15 minutes to shoot before the sun went down. By the time I got to Taylor I really didn't have much light to work with and I didn't want to use my flash. I hate the harsh shadows it gives off. Anywho, this is what I got. I'm going to try again with my friends girls, I'll time the lighting better. I had to really adjust these in photoshop to compensate for the lack of light. Please post and let me know which ones are your favorites and why. It's hard to critique your own work, I need opinions!

Before and After

I took some shots of my daughter in our back yard and I thought I would share the results here. The pictures needed some adjusting in photoshop so the first one is straight out of the camera. The second picture has adjustments made to the saturation, contrast & lighting, I fixed the dark circles under her eyes, lightened the upper lip, removed a mole and cleaned up her eybrow a little.

For this shot I did the same as above but then removed color to creat a black and white. I also burned the edges a bit.