Guess What I Bought...

That right, it's on it's way. I found a website that you can buy it for a third of the retail price if your a student. Luckily I have two little students in my house, so Taylor has Adobe CS3 Extended being shipped in her name. I had to have a yard sale and sell off some crap to get the money to buy it but hey, whatever it takes! Now if only I could sell enough junk to come up with the money for this...

Oh ya baby, I want me some Canon 5D!!! It's a good thing you can't see the drool coming from my mouth right now, that would be so embarrassing!

Ask and Ye shall Recieve... you go Natalie! (10X20 Story board)

Story Boards

Check out the new story board template that I got. I have two others as well. This one is 11X14 and I can customize it how ever my heart desires.

I know...pretty cool huh!

Seattle University

Last week I went to Seattle to assist my friend Melissa on a photo shoot. She was shooting the Seattle University volleyball team. It was so much fun and a really good learning experience. I REALLY didn't want to drive to Seattle at prime rush hour that morning but I'm glad I hauled my hiney out of bed and went. Here's a couple of the pictures that I took.

Elaina & Jake

My little sister Elaina and her husband Jake came up from Utah this weekend. Of course while they were here I had to take pictures of them. They've been married one whole year now and they're as cute as ever!

I shot these in RAW, it was my first time doing that. I was super nervous that I'd ruin them all but I think they turned out great. I'm having to get used to editing RAW files but here's a peek...

F.Y.I. Mom & Elaina...Don't try to copy these to your computer, I uploaded them low qaulity so they would upload faster. I'll get you both a CD asap.


Natalie's Girls...Sneek Peek!

Natalie's dying to see some pictures of her girls so here's a few to hold her over!

More Graffiti Wall

Here are some of the pictures I took of my friend Melissa's kids at the graffiti wall. I absolutly LOVE their red hair. What do you think? Pretty dang cute huh!