Waiting For You!

This adorable family is planning to adopt and they are in the waiting period right now. Mom wanted family pictures but it could be one week or one year before their new addition joins them. So we did this super fun shoot to include the little on to be in their family portrait. I had so much fun doing this session!

Beautiful Baby Girl

 I'm so happy that I was able to photograph this darling little lady! For whatever reason I seem to get all boys in my studio! I always joke that God is building an army of strapping young warriors. It was so fun to have a little princess to play with. I can't wait to see her red hair grow over the next few years. She's going to be stunning just like her big sister who has the same gorgeous hair.

Best Friends...

I'm so in love with this best friends session! Two of these girls are sisters and they are moving soon. So we devised a fabulous photo shoot for them and their best friend so they would have something to keep close to their hearts and remember the happy instead of the sad!


Just having a little fun with some of my daughter Lula's vintage Breyer horses!

As anyone who follows me knows, I'm the worst blogger EVER! But when something as cute as my 4 year olds birthday comes along, I just have to share. I threw Lula a vintage pony party and it was a huge success. She loved it to pieces...especially the beautiful pony that we had there. Who cares about cute decorations when you can ride a pony!!!