The Posten Family

These guys were hilarious!!! They kept me laughing the entire session. It was a pretty crazy session. It was pouring down rain as I was loading my fabulous green couch into my car. I was totally freaking out that my shoot would be rained out and I couldn't use my couch. As I drove out of my neighborhood I could see blue skies in the direction I was heading. So I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.
When we got to the location the gray skies were starting to roll in. These three boy's grabbed my couch and carried it over their heads like giant ants. We plopped it down in the middle of this field and I snapped off a few shots. Within 10 minutes it was starting to rain. The boys picked up the couch again and hiked back to my car and loaded it. By this time it was pouring. We huddled under umbrellas and finished out the shoot with some individual shots of everyone in minutes. From start to finish the entire session lasted 20 minutes. Other than the fact that I took fewer pictures than any other session you wouldn't be able to tell. The pictures turned out fantastic!



Tasha Horsley said...

very cool!

Sarah J. said...

Love them! Love the green sofa too! The colors are fabulous. What a perfect location!