Shooting Indoors

It's getting to cold outside to do a lot of shooting so I'm trying to get better at taking indoor pictures. I see all these photographers that are doing shoots in their clients home. I just can't figure out how they get such great shots without a flash. They obviously use natural light from windows but sheesh, I wish I had a bit more knowledge in this area. I'll have to start reading up. I attempted to use some light coming from the window in Tallula's room today and I think the pictures turned out pretty good. The problem is that as soon as I move her more than 2 feet from the window my lighting goes bad. I'm even using a really low aperature of 1.8 and I bumped my ISO up to 400. I hate to use a flash, it just looks terrible. Maybe I need to learn how to use it better. I'm showing you my weeknesses here, this just isn't one of my strong points. If you know me though, I'll research it to death and figure it out eventually! If you have insider information that will make my life easier than please...share.

Here's the shots near the window. The color versions are good but I really love the Black and White.

Here I moved her over to the bed and lost all my natural light. I had to use the flash and I'm not happy with the shadow and I miss the great catch lights in her eyes.


Natalie and Eric said...

Well I'm no photographer but I love them. She is so cute!

Tasha Horsley said...

i think they look great! you must be a true photographer because of your determination, patience and willingness to test new situations and wanting to figure it all out! i totally admire you! you go girl! lu is so sweet. :)

happy thanksgiving...tomorrow!