Ok, the website is up and running. I have much more to add to the galleries but I'll have to get to it as I have time. For now enjoy what's there! I've got three shoots with my photog friend Sue this week so I'll post the results when I have them edited. Man I love this job! I got two bookings from the kids sale this weekend so thats good, hopefully things will keep rolling forward.

Speaking of the sale...It was a lot of work but a ton of fun. There were some other gals there selling their wares all weekend and we had a good time hanging out. I could have bought everything off their tables if I had money coming out my ears, but I don't. So I worked a deal with a few of them. I'm going to take product shots for them in exchange for...well...product! Here is one I did just outside the rec center we were set up at.

The hat and dress were made by Lisa, you can find her at www.maisydaisy.com, the insanely cute little munchkin belongs to Heather. She makes the most ridiculously cute pillowcase dresses. I already have two of them for Lu and she's making me a third and one for Taylor. LOVE them, get em here www.cutiepatootiekidsboutique.com

I was also loven the booties and such by Leslie, check her out at
www.kaiandiboutique.com here's a little peek.


Natalie and Eric said...

The website is amazing! I'm so proud of you!

The Parents said...

Wow that really looks professional!

Tori said...

Yeah! I love your site. You are so talented in so many ways. I think if you get any more creative, you just might explode!!
Congrats Karina and I wish you continued sucess